The International Tango Festival in Ireland is the longest running showcase of Argentinian Tango music and dance in the country.

Founded by Simona Zaino & Hernan Catvin with the endorsement and support from the Argentinian Embassy and Dublin City Council, the event attracts social dancers from all around Ireland and abroad.

The Festival is a non-profit event, with a strong community spirit. It is organized with the help of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who, year after year, have given their time and energy to ensure you fully enjoy the event.

The Festival is a celebration of Tango dance, music and Argentine culture. We are proud to have brought to Ireland some of the biggest international Tango artists such as Pablo Veron, Fabian Salas & Carolina del Rivero, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, Silencio Orchestra, Tango Extremo Orchestra, singer Martin Alvarado and many others.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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