An amalgamation of two relatively new hobbies; Argentine Tango (social
dancing) and Photography.  Tango photography is pretty tricky – moving
subjects and very very low lights, add in an OK camera with no
external flash (yet!) and you have one big challenge!  Anyway hope you
enjoy the photos and I promise to upload more when I improve.

These picutres were taken at a Friday night Milonga in Parnell Square,
where, in my opinion, I really feel I’m following an underground
(pardon the pun) movement.  I love the low lights, the old “unfussy” “lived in” feel to the place.  Love the old couches and the
red light tube in the window as well as being greeted by the smokers
at the foot of the steps – you don’t know who’ll be there.  I enjoy
the diversity of people who attend and have had many a good night and  great dances here.  The best of all, it goes on  until 2am.

Niamh W.