Friday night milonga in Morrisini whelans is a special evening, well depends on who you are and how you look upon it.

The Hosts Michael and keith go out of their way to make their night different.  Michael loves his video and photo shows plastered on the walls.  The videos range from erotic art, to classic tango performances  and some  creative dancing, i.e some guy running around in a pair of tights waving his hands.

Keith likes to give each woman a personal tango class in the kitchen!!!!, but most of all the pair like to entertain us with their mid milonga show.  Some times its them performing , e.g guitar, singing, or someone else, but lately they have put on a draw, where the entrants , those who have purchased a  glass of wine, get to win a wonderful (not) prize.  i.e duck shaped rubber things to stop you sliding in the shower, tights, shampoo, etc etc .

Last night there was a guest with his partner from Netherlands.  His partner was chosen by michael to pick the tickets for the prize winners.  The second prize was a bottle of fake tan – she pulled out the ticket and it was his ticket.  Normally it would be a cause to laugh but even more so as he was black.  !