As it sounds it is a long weekend of almost non-stop dancing.

What is the difference between a marathon and a festival?
Marathons do not have live music, they do not have shows. Drinks and often food too is included, and with dancing all day and night the atmosphere becomes very relaxed and social – people who go to many marathons see the same faces again and again so it’s a good way to make many international friends who share your love for tango.

Most marathons have a smaller number of guests than festivals and they are usually strictly balanced in gender, eg: 60 men, 60 women unlike festivals open to everyone and sometimes with a ratio of nearly twice the number of women to men.

Who is it for?
Originally Tango Marathons were just for advanced dancers who just wish to dance and were not interested in classes, shows and live music that you find at festivals, but with more and more marathons all over Europe, and the growing tango communities, the levels have become much more mixed in recent years. There is usually a limited number of people so there is more space to dance, and in general the dancers travel to them from many countries.