The past weekend the 8th international tango festival of Dublin took place, organised by compadrito Tango.  Usually I would do a workshop or two at these festivals to discover a new move.  Normally the idea of paying €100 for a private lesson seems obsurd when you can have 3 or four workshops for that money.  However if you have a partner to share the cost it can workout very different.  The thing about privates is just that , its you and the teacher , learning and correcting what you want.  The biggest benifit I found was not learning a new move or fancy trick, but allowing the visiting masters to see how you dance what you currently know and then correcting you.  With Rodrigo and Augustina, the visiting teachers we swapped partners and danced with them for 1/2 the session and they were able to pick out all the thinks we were doing wrong and point out the movements were doing right.  So if you have a partner you can share a private finally its worth it. !  Anyway here is a video of the visiting couple performing at the garda club on saturday night.